In the office.

Communicating with one another is just as important in IT projects as it is in sailing. The employees with direct customer contact form the interface to the team. Regular exchange opportunities are essential here.

  • Product management / offering lead

    The task of product management or offering lead is to have the optimal solution ready for the customer. After the exchange with the customer, the right product is provided with the right team

  • Solution Architect

    The Solution Architects team is responsible for realizing the customer’s wishes. Due to the close coordination in the team, they prepare the product according to individual wishes and design the perfect solution for the customer.

  • Advisory

    The advisory staff advise the customer in all matters. They form the interface to the customer, their users and the other actors in the project.

  • SME (Subject Matter Experts)

    Avanade’s Subject Matter Experts have the necessary specialist expertise in the respective sectors and industries. The SME employees prepare the customer’s key users for the new system in individual training sessions and carry out the train-the-trainer program.

At sea.

Communication is the most important point in many areas. It is the only way to find successful solutions. This also applies to an ocean racing project. Whether on site on the boat or, due to the pandemic with distance – meetings take place about many different topics.

  • Boat builder

    With the boat builder and the shipyard discussions are made about needed spare parts, planned repairs or optimizations

  • Meteorologist

    directly before a race, a meteorologist talks about strategic considerations and the weather pattern for the coming days

  • Electrician

    In the event of a problem with the electronic equipment on board that cannot be solved by the skipper itself, an electrician comes directly on board.

  • Routing-Software-Support

    An expert from the routing software support team can explain a particular operation