Training – For optimal preparation

Whether it’s the knowledge learned about the technology on board or the optimal preparation of everyone involved in a project: good preparation is everything.

In the office.

In the best case, a project runs exactly within the planned time frame. This requires not only realistic planning for all eventualities, but also precise preparation of the team. In addition to Avanade’s technical experts, the customer’s project staff, the key users, must be prepared for the new technology.

  • Testiteration

    Functional tests, integration tests, performance tests, etc. are carried out with the key users so that they can gain practical experience. In this way, further optimization potential is identified.

  • Solution

    Which piece of the puzzle fits together best and how? The optimal solution is developed together with the key users. In this way, tests and trainings are carried out in a practical way.

  • Performance test

    To customize the application for the customer and to optimize the system sizing. This is followed by the scaling of the systems and the parallelization of processes.

  • Change-Management

    Process optimization of system or organizational processes. In some cases, further adjustments are necessary.

In the training and testing phases, the aim is to carry out functional tests as close as possible to live operation. The customer’s project team is well trained and strongly involved. They are best able to test and assess the simultaneous deployment in live operation.

At sea.

Solo sailing on a Mini 6.50 needs a lot of practice. Whoever completes the most hours on the water knows his boat best and can get the maximum out of it at the races.

  • Maneuver Training

    What are the best procedures for a tack or a gybe under gennaker? How can the setting of the headsail or the changing of the gennaker be optimized?

  • Sail choice

    At which wind angle and wind force do I set which headsail? This requires a lot of analysis after the end of the training.

  • Speed tests

    How does the boat sail on certain courses compared to other boats? How do I get the last percent speed out of my boat?

  • Starts

    How long does the boat take to accelerate? What is the optimal distance to the starting line?

Once the training drives and boat optimizations have been implemented, these adjustments must be tested in further regattas in order to develop further optimizations.