Preparation / workshop – the successful start

Before a project really starts operationally, conscientious preparation is necessary. Physical fitness and the required know-how are essential. It is important to get the right instructions and training from the right experts.

In the office.

After the customer has signed the contract, the projects usually start in the workshop phase. The key to success is the understanding, the experience and the willingness of the customer to work out a solution with us.

  • Agenda

    Der systemseitige Standardablaufprozess wird zugrunde gelegt. Davon ausgehend wird gemeinsam mit dem Kunden an den individuellen Zielen gearbeitet und ein realistischer Umsetzungsplan erstellt.

  • Sample process

    • Ausarbeitung eines Beispielprozesses
    • Erfahrungsaustausch innerhalb der Community of Practise
    • Durchsprache der Lösungsansätze mit Solution Architect

    Es ist wichtig, die Prozesse auch im Kontext aller anderen Prozesse zu betrachten

  • Industry knowledge

    What is special for the customer’s industry? Is special industry experience and specific process know-how necessary? The wide range of expertise of the Avanade employees is a great advantage here.

  • customer request

    This is followed by the specific customer requirements, the implementation option is checked by the experts. On the basis of this, process optimizations are carried out and systemic requirements are assessed

At sea.

You don’t start a solo Atlantic crossing overnight. The complexity of an ocean racing project makes its appeal, but is also a big challenge. A multifactorial preparation of the race is the most important thing.

  • Boat

    All parts of the boat have to be regularly maintained and further optimized. This includes the fittings and ropes on deck, the cables and electronic hardware below deck, as well as the hull structure and sails.

  • Weather and Navigation

    Recognizing weather systems in order to use them tactically on the water, learning to correctly detect clouds and currents, improving the use of routing software. In direct preparation for individual races, navigation in the corresponding sea area must also be well worked up.

  • Sports

    A high level of physical fitness is indispensable in order to start a race lasting several days in the best possible condition. Strength training is important for the moment of the maneuvers or the stacking of the material below deck. Endurance improves the basic constitution and is therefore essential for consistent concentration.

  • Mantal condition

    Mental strength and inner balance are the cornerstones for the good success of a solo race lasting several days. But also sleep and body energy management play an important role to continuously get the best performance out of the boat.