Different Businesses – One Spirit

There are more similarities between an offshore sailing project and an IT project at avanade than you might expect. To bridge the winter blues until the start of the first races, we start a storyline on this topic. In the next few weeks, we will present you every Tuesday an area that is important for both businesses. There may be different ways to realize a theme in the two projects, but the goal is the same: to be successful together as a team.

Here you will find more stories on different topics

Premature end before stage 2 of the Mini-Transat 2021

Unfortunately, the Mini Transat ends for me on La Palma. During a last dive, 24 hours before the start, to clean the underwater hull of my boat, we noticed an unusual lowering of the keel bulb (300kg lead at the bottom of the keel). The boat was immediately craned out of the water and we found that the keel bulb could be moved to the rest of the keel


There is always something to optimize on a sailboat. Much more with a racer. It is tuned in different areas to get the best out of it. In IT, too, it is important to keep turning the various adjusting screws during a project in order to achieve optimal performance for the customer.


Communication is the most important point in many areas. It is the only way to find successful solutions. This also applies to an ocean racing project. Whether on site on the boat or, due to the pandemic with distance - meetings take place about many different topics.

Critical, unpredictable situations – targeted analysis

Even with the best preparation, critical, unplanned situations can arise. But what does such a moment mean alone on the high seas or during an IT project? Of course, both Lina and the Avanade project team work to ensure that these worst-case scenarios do not occur in the first place. Nevertheless, the preparation for this situation is part of every planning, so that you can react quickly and efficiently.

Safety – an absolute must at sea and in IT

"Security" is an important, if not the most important factor - in IT and in sailing - even if the risks can have very different effects on both sides.

Project / teamwork – actors in the back office

You can't manage a big project as a single person. Even though Lina is alone on her boat at most oft he races, a whole team stands behind her, supports her and contributes significantly to the success of the campaign.

Preparation / workshop – the successful start

Before a project really starts operationally, conscientious preparation is necessary. Physical fitness and the required know-how are essential. It is important to get the right instructions and training from the right experts.

Training – For optimal preparation

Good preparation is everything. Whether it is the knowledge learned about the technology on board or the optimal preparation of everyone involved in the project.

Milestones – What is behind such projects?

Projects of this size have not even been implemented. Before an application goes live in the company, many work steps are necessary.