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The journey that leads to the starting line of the Mini Transat takes more than two years.


The intense preparation is about the improvement of sailing skills, meteorology, classical navigation as well as participating in Qualifier-Races and working on physical and psychological constitution.


As a 21-year-old student, it is not possible to pay logistics or the sailing boat itself without any financial aid. Therefore, I am looking for supporters and sponsors in order to reach the starting line of the Mini Transat in autumn 2017.


Have a look here who already supports my project.


How one can support me:


1) Crowdfunding with "Monaco Funding": At you can support me with any amount you wish and get personal givebacks.


2) directly via my project account:


Name: Lina Rixgens

IBAN: DE84 5001 0517 5413 4936 05


Banc: ING DiBa


I would like to thank everyone by mentioning him/her on my website. So pleas indicate as reference the name with which you want to be mentioned. If you don't want to be mentioned, just indicate "anonymous".


3) Contact me at linarixgens(at) It would be a pleasure to send you further information or a complete sponsoring portfolio or even talk to you in person about other sponsoring possibilities.


Media data of the Mini Transat 2013


84 skippers from 14 nations

324 journalists from 28 countries

5.2 million clicks on

more than 500 articles in print media

more than 1.100 articles on the Internet

240 reports on TV

11 hours of radio reports

325.000 clics on facebook

3000 published photos