The Project

During my Mini Transat project 2016/2017 on the Mini No. 732 I gained a lot of experience in the Classe Mini and learned a lot on my Pogo 2. The learning curve was extremely steep: in 2016 it was all about getting to know the boat and solo sailing, finishing the races of the season and above all qualifying for the Mini Transat. After moving to La Rochelle, with the interruption of my medical studies and the intensive preparation in a training group, it was all about making the boat fast in 2017. During every regatta I performed a little bit better, single-handed or double-handed, and on the second leg of the Mini Transat I really had the feeling that I could now push my boat to its limits. And mine too.

Since March 2016 I have sailed more than 10,000 nautical miles alone and in pairs on my Mini 732. This is exactly where I would like to start again: I would like to build on what I have learned, apply it on a new and competitive boat and once again tackle the “adventure Mini Transat”. While the Mini Transat 2017 made me the first German woman to finish the regatta and the focus was on arriving, in 2021 I would like to arrive on a foremost position on a series boat of the latest generation.

With alnamic AG I was able to win a sponsor already known from the last project as main sponsor. The IT specialists from Neuss, Germany made it possible for me to buy a brand new Wevo 6.5 from Cima Boats in Italy in spring 2019. After intensive months of preparation I was able to christen my Mini with the number 982 on the name WHOMPER during the Travemünder Woche regatta. Until spring 2020 there were several regattas and many training days on the Baltic Sea.

In spring 2020 my mini was freshly vinyl wrapped: “green becomes orange” was the motto. The alnamic AG from Neuss, my main sponsor since 2017, was integrated into Avanade Deutschland GmbH, the leading digital innovator in the Microsoft ecosystem. Since then the project has continued with a larger and more international partner.

After many training days and some races on the Baltic Sea, I could successfully qualify for the Mini Transat 2021 in summer 2020 by participating in the 1500sm solo regatta SAS en Baie de Morlaix. Until the start of the Mini Transat on 26th September, 2021, there are now five more preparatory races on the Atlantic. I am currently training at the training center Lorient Grand Large in Brittany and am thus preparing intensively for the season.

Until the start of the Mini Transat I also have another goal:

Together with the DKMS (German Bone Marrow Donor File), I would like to draw attention to the fight against blood cancer and, until the Mini Transat, I would like to encourage at least 982 people to register as potential stem cell donors with the DKMS, analogous to my boat number. Check here for more information and join in:

If you are interested in supporting the Mini Transat 2021, please contact me!