Project / teamwork – actors in the back office

You can’t manage a big project as a single person. Even though Lina is alone on her boat at most oft he races, a whole team stands behind her, supports her and contributes significantly to the success of the campaign.
The team behind the team. IT projects are similar to sailing. The employee who is visible on site at the customer cannot manage such a project alone. A well-coordinated team that keeps the threads together in the background is at least as important for successful implementation. In addition to the project employees who represent Avanade at the customer’s site, these areas are a decisive factor.

In the office.

  • Project controlling

    Project controlling is already involved in the bidding phase. The costs planned there and agreed with the customer must be kept in view throughout the entire project. Deviations of any kind are announced in good time and, depending on the cause of the deviation, discussed or renegotiated with the customer.

  • Developers

    In some cases they set up their project workstations at the customer’s premises in order to implement any necessary adjustments on an ad hoc basis. As a rule, the developers are supported in the background by a larger team of other developers at distance. Intensive exchange and good coordination are of great importance.


  • HR / Talent Acquisition

    Special requirements need special know-how. The HR and TA teams support the projects by assigning employees with the required expertise to the right projects. Through targeted recruiting and training, we proactively ensure that the expertise is available at Avanade.


  • Accounting

    The employees from the accounting department ensure that the correct items are billed to the customer at the right time. This requires close coordination with the project staff and the conscientious entry of project-relevant data in the common systems.

At sea.

  • Sailmaker

    Thanks to a constant dialogue with the sailmaker at OneSails, the sails can be further optimized. Each new sail incorporates the experience gained over the last few months.

  • Communication and media

    A professional cooperation with blondsign by Eike Schurr brings optimal results for everything concerning photos, videos and media design.
  • Co-skipper and technical project manager

    To make optimizations or repairs in the preparation phase in the best possible technical and craftsmanship way, Lina has support from the engineering front. Since the two of them are not only a good team on land, it is not surprising that Sverre also acts as co-skipper during many training sessions and two-handed races.

  • Meteorologists and coaches:

    The French training center “Lorient Grand Large” offers an extensive platform to learn from the best meteorologists, technicians and coaches. Here, the preparation of a race is just as much on the program as workshops on how to fix electronic problems or master the routing software.