Critical, unpredictable situations – targeted analysis

Even with the best preparation, critical, unplanned situations can arise. But what does such a moment mean alone on the high seas or during an IT project? Of course, both Lina and the Avanade project team work to ensure that these worst-case scenarios do not occur in the first place. Nevertheless, the preparation for this situation is part of every planning, so that you can react quickly and efficiently.

In the office.

What can happen and how is it counteracted?

  • Limited system performance

    A sudden increase in the number of transactions can lead to limited system performance. This happens when the number of transactions is significantly higher than the number that was the basis for sizing.

  • Changes in the project environment

    Unpredictable changes in the project environment can result in the entire project having to be reviewed and reassessed.

  • System failure

    If there is a system failure, various measures are necessary, which are specified by the guidelines provided for this.

  • Failure of project resources

    It can always happen that an important project employee leaves the company at short notice or is absent due to a longer illness. At this point, the customer will be informed immediately and another employee with comparable skills will take over this position …

At sea.

What happens on board and how do you react?

  • Sail crack

    A broach can break a sail. That means alone on board Lina has to be able to mend the sail again.

  • Halyards

    Problem with the halyards or an instrument in the masthead. For Lina that means she has to go up on the mast to fix the problem.

  • Broken rudder

    If the rudder suddenly breaks due to a collision or material weakness, Lina has to install an improvised emergency steering system …

  • Injury

    If Lina injured herself during a maneuver or during repairs, she must be able to use the on-board medication correctly …