Milestones – What is behind such projects?

Projects of this size have not even been implemented. Before an application goes live in the company, many work steps are necessary. Lina also has to plan for a regatta participation, as with the Mini Transat exactly, and coordinate everything to this time.

In the office.

The duration of projects at Avanade can vary greatly due to the underlying applications and the complexity of the overall solution. The introduction and implementation of ERP projects extend – like Lina’s project –  over several months. Therefore, the focus of the description is on the implementation of ERP projects.

  • Offer phase or "Proof of Concept"

    In this phase, implementation ideas or processes are designed as a prototype. Interested parties become convinced of the product and the know-how. The more detailed this phase is planned, the better the time frame and resource requirements can be planned.

  • Interested party becomes a customer

    The interested party has been convinced and chose Avanade as service provider and Microsoft Dynamics 365 as ERP solution.

  • Solution Planning

    In this phase, the customer’s time schedule is agreed and the planning and evaluation of further framework conditions for the project follows.

  • Project Team

    The success of a project depends to a large extent on the appropriate composition of the team. The project team includes Avanade’s technical experts as well as the customer’s employees. This team brings the implementation of the project forward together.

  • Workshop Phase

    In the “Envision & Prepare” phase, the customer requirements are roughly outlined and included in the “Backlog”. In the later sprint phases, the requirements are then further specified. What has to be done is defined per sprint.

  • Construct & Evolve

    The activities of this phase establish the baseline of the architecture. The system is built. This includes setting up, parameterizing, schooling as well as migrating the data. It is necessary to check whether the added value for the company can be delivered.

  • Testing phase

    Tests are performed during the Construct & Evolve phase after the different stages. After each sprint, at the end of the Build phase and in the Accept & Release phase, different test iterations are run. This ensures that no bugs are taken to the next phase.

  • Going Live

    The most sensitive step follows. The commissioning in the live environment. The end users are trained, the interfaces are put into operation and the productive data is transferred to the new system. After the customer’s approval, the old system is shut down.

The way to the starting line or the implementation in live operation is accomplished. In the Hyper Care phase, the project team continues to provide close support to the customer in the first few weeks after the go-live. Questions, problems and requirements are quickly taken up and processed, thus safeguarding the customer’s day-to-day business. The final step is the handover to Customer Service, which will support the customer in live operation in the future.

At sea.

Participation in the Mini Transat is planned long in advance. The preparations for the perfect start begin already two years before.

  • Boat decision

    Already in 2018, the decision was made for the Wevo 6.5. Due to the early planning, Lina was able to accompany the boat construction and develop the deck layout.

  • From boat building to christening

    In the summer of 2019, the further equipping of the boat was on the agenda. This was followed by test and training trips. This phase ended with the christening of the boat in Travemünde.

  • Stop

    Due to Corona, a two-month break followed in spring 2020. Lina was able to use this forced timeout for further optimizations on the boat

  • Qualification

    The qualification for the Mini Transat 2021 is finally achieved by a 1500 nautical miles long solo race across the Bay of Biscay and the English Channel.

  • Sailing, sailing, sailing

    The next weeks and months are characterized by many trainings and boat optimizations. Over the winter months on the Baltic Sea and from March on in Lorient. Numerous single- and double-handed races will follow to validate the optimizations

  • Last check

    There are still a few weeks left until the start of the Mini Transat. This time will be used for the last checks and repairs, the last fine tuning until the start

  • The start

    After a period within the Race Village of the Mini Transat in Les Sables d’Olonne, the sailors leave for the start of the first leg on 26/09. There will be a stopover in La Palma (Canary Islands) and the start of the second leg on 29/10 for the crossing of the Atlantic Ocean.

  • Finish

    In November 2021, the sailors are expected to arrive in Guadeloupe after the second leg. If everything works out according to plan, Lina will reach the finish of the Mini Transat for the second time.

After a short recovery period, the organization of the return transport of the boat to Europe is on the agenda. Arrived at home, the first lectures and reports about the second Atlantic crossing will take place.